Black Ocean

Director: Yujia Liu
Country: China
Duration: 38’27”
Year: 2016

About the Film
Black Ocean pictures the human landscape destroyed as well as in construction, and its fragility as well as indestructibility. The structure of storytelling of this film is inspired by the novel Invisible Cities (1972) of Italian writer Italo Calvino. Several chapters are interwoven with the debate and inquiry raised by Marco Polo and Kublai Khan about their imagined city and landscape in this film. It provides an entrance to allow the audience to get in, to wander, to get lost, and to find an exit or several ones somewhere at some time.

About the director
Liu Yujia was born in Sichuan Province in 1981. She graduated from Sichuan Fine Arts Institute in 2004 and got her Master’s Degree in London College of Communication, University of the Arts London in 2009. She currently lives and works in Beijing. Liu Yulia’s practice mostly involves videos and photographs, exploring the boundary between real and virtual, with object, time, space and landscape reconstructed and narrated in fragments into a certain situational experience in common, hence to imagine and discuss the human condition.