Almost Nothing

Director: Ana Hušman
Country: Croatia
Duration: 15’48”
Year: 2016
About the film
As Jean-Luc Nancy says, our pleasure in views, scents, and sounds has been a political issue since the birth of Europe. The idea of landscape has nothing in common with the idea of unspoiled nature. Landscapes are formed through planned deforestation, afforestation, and controlled planting. These processes are influenced by economic, health care, and other policies, documented in the systematic and taxonomic terminology of the land registry. By mapping the island flora and recording the resistance of the vegetation to the wind, as well as the resulting sounds of friction, I document the sound signals that reflect the changes, fashions and economic conditions of a particular location. These cultivation policies return to our houses and apartments like the wind, creating a complex feedback loop between the interior and exterior spaces.

About the director
Ana Hušman’s practice disassembles the structures and textures of cinematic elements through film, installation, books, sound, image and text. Husman experiments with the possibilities of animation, documentary and fictional cinematic methods, and the possibilities of the recorded voice and its articulation. Her working process questions and plays with the positions of the amateur and the professional subject of performativity, the medium itself, and the structures that dictate and produce patterns of behavior. She is a lecturer at the Department of Animation and New Media at the Academy of Fine Art in Zagreb and co-founder of the documentary film organization RESTART where she has been holding film education programs for children and young people for many years. Her works has been shown at festivals and exhibitions including: Gwangju Biennale, October Salon Belgrade, Medienturm Gallery Graz, On the Eastern Front, Ludwig Museum of Contemporary Arts Budapest, “lucy” bodig & ART ON STAGE, URA, Istanbul, Stuttgarter Filmwinter, International Film Festival Rotterdam, 25 FPS Zagreb, DOK Leipzig. Filmography:  A Room for Living (2018), I Love You, Ines (2017), Almost Nothing (2016), Postcards (2013), Football (2011), Lunch (2008), The Market (2006), Prigruf (2004), Home (2003), Meršpajz (2003), for 2 (2003), Daily Progress (1999)