All Movements Should Kill the Wind

Director: Wang Yuyan
Country: China
Duration: 19’’
Year: 2019

About the Film
Two hundred kilometers from Beijing, men live among rocks waiting to be broken, cut, sanded. The same gestures come back again and again to write a history of damage and repair. This story fades into the manufacture of monuments, with the wind that inexorably disseminates the traces of these actions.

About the director
Wang Yuyan is a filmmaker and multidisciplinary artist living in Paris. She graduated from Le Fresnoy - National Studio of Contemporary Arts in 2020 and Beaux-Arts of Paris in 2016. She takes inspiration from the endless media production underpinned by industrial productivity. Her works oscillate between film, video, and installation, often in an immersive perspective with a disintegrating abstraction process. Her films have been selected in numerous international festivals such as Berlinale, International Film Festival Rotterdam, European Media Art Festival, and IndieLisboa International Film Festival.